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The Pokemon Academy by keirajo

The Pokemon Academy


This is something I've been working on for awhile--trying to get a design sheet for the uniforms that Rosemary and her friends wear. I've cleaned it up and detailled it since I posted the character pic for Rosemary here at this site. I'm pretty happy with it!

In an alternative world, where Pokémon are the dominant species on the planet and have anthropomorphic forms…………or, at least, many of them do. Some Pokémon never evolved in that fashion and still roam the wilderness and sometimes are pets to the Anthro Pokemon.

The Pokémon Academy

The Pokémon Academy is a school complex the size of a small town, located on a large island in the Hoenn Region. There are four hub towns on the island around the Academy: Koro Town, Rojo Town, Venti Town and Shell Town. The Academy itself also has several dormitory complexes to serve students who transfer from other places to go to the Academy. The Academy has four divisions (campuses): North, South, East and West……..the four divisions represent the age/student groups.

The student groups are divided up into 5 grade levels within each division group. As a note, the “grades” are not completely equivalent to human school grades—they are a representation of full compilation of the student’s level, age, academic knowledge, physical ability, evolutionary form and maturity. As such, students may skip from grade 2 up to grade 9, simply by passing a test at the end of a school year which will evaluate them all of these categories. But age and evolutionary level are very strict limiters in these tests…… you will very unlikely find a Blaziken student in the Elementary levels of school, for example. The four levels are equivalents of these human grades in school: Elementary (Academy grades 1-5), Middle School (Academy grades 6-10), High School (Academy grades 11-15) and College (Academy grades 16-20). Before being able to graduate the Academy, students must pass one final test to prove they are able to go out into the world and function as a true adult.

Top honor students in every division group will receive special items as a reward for their high academic scores. These items can be any number of things from an evolutionary stone that will allow for them to eventually achieve their final evolutionary form (such as being given a Sun Stone or Moon Stone), a special Move crystal like Pikashunium-Z, to the most coveted of all honor student awards, a Mega Stone accessory (which includes Mega Stone and Key Stone).

The Academy uniform has a standard look, which is shown in the picture above. But because many students of all different types have different body shapes and appendages, you will find any number of variations on the design of the uniform, to fit the body shape of the student. The four colors of the “plaid” pattern on the pants and skirts of the uniform are the color representations of the Academy and it’s four division groups/campuses: charcoal/black=North Campus (College), violet/purple=South Campus (High School), sunburst/yellow-orange=West Campus (Middle School) and cream/pale yellow=East Campus (Elementary). Regardless of the types of shirts students wear, all students are required to wear the plaid pattern somewhere upon their uniform………if they cannot wear pants or skirts due to their body shapes, then many choose to wear the plaid pattern as a scarf or band somewhere upon them. All students are also required to make sure their year pins are clearly visible, regardless the adapted style of their uniforms—in many instances these pins are often worn on a jacket lapel or collar of a shirt.

If any person out there would like to use this information and/or uniform for their PokeSona or otherwise anthropomorphic Pokémon characters—please feel free to do so. It would also be kind if you credit me for the usage, too. :D

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    Nice color for the uniforms. Those pokeball pins are a nice touch, too :D

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      Thanks! :D

      I've been developing this out for awhile now. I think playing a Persona game again really kicked me into the details of a school uniform, including year marker pins. :)

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    Neat, I like (^__^)

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      Thanks so much! :D

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    I think that drawing Pokemon Academy is a great way to get your child interested in art. It's also a great way for you to get your child interested in Pokemon. The drawings are very colorful and fun to look at. Parents can take additional help from if they are seeking further inspiration. I'm a Pokemon fan and I'd like to see some more artwork of Pokemon academy.

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      I’m currently working on expanding some of the clothing and culture and hope to get it all done by the end of the year. :)

      I’m adding Gym Uniforms and the school staff members (teachers). Plus accessories like backpacks and evolution items that can be “good grade prizes” in the school (for Pokémon types that can evolve). I hope more people would like to use this world and expand their creativity, too! :D