flat color series #4: icy friends by keirajo

flat color series #4: icy friends


28 February 2017 at 13:05:25 MST

Did this today while enduring the prep for my colonoscopy.

"Icy Friends" outfit.

Materials used: pens, markers and stickers.

Wabi/Despair Dog species belongs to me. :)

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    Really cool! That sitting pose is very difficult to draw so you did a good job. Love the colors.

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      Thanks! :D I recently got these really nice pose figures and I've been trying to use them for more of these unique poses (I wound up using the female figure here, since the male figure is way too muscular for Wabi! XD). :)

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        Oh that's awesome! Those figures seem like they could really help.

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          They do. They're from Bandai and based upon their "S.H.FiguARTS" anime/live-action figure line.......they have a lot more joints than a regular artist's pose doll, so can mimic a pose more realistically. And also do more dynamic posing. They were a bit pricey, $45 each.........but it's the price of a FiguARTS figure--and I figure if I ever get tired of them as pose figures, maybe I will become ambitious and try to paint them as character figures. chuckle I'd like to be able to see if there's a style of like Barbie clothes that fits them..........then maybe I can work on clothing a bit better as well. :)

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            Cool :) That doesn't seem too pricey to me, since there are dolls twice that expensive.

            That sounds awesome!

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              Most people I've mentioned them to say "too expensive"! XD But in most cases most art supplies are expensive anyways.......so I don't pay attention to the prices of art supplies since they're all expensive. chuckle

              Yeah! :D