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artist tile #8: maraschino cherry by keirajo

artist tile #8: maraschino cherry


23 February 2017 at 18:34:49 MST

Meri-Cheri on artist tile, in crayon/marker. :)

MLP belongs to Hasbro, character belongs to me! :D

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Visual / Traditional


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    Awww :)

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      Thanks! :D

      And thanks for the faves! :)

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    SO cute! I love the hooves and the shading.

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    Chibi ponies; TRULY adorable!

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      I think so, too! :D

      I don't really watch the new t.v. series, but We Love Fine put out a series of chibi figures and I bought a set of them (I gave the DJ-Pon3 to a friend of mine from the set though)--I love the chibi sculpt on them, even though I'm not too familiar with the characters! XD They're supposed to be putting out another set of chibi I've been keeping an eye out for them. :)

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        Let me guess, the miniature collectibles? Those are awesome!

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          Yeah.........those collectibles. I also have the one Nightmare Moon sculpt by some Japanese artist (I think it's Tajira) who did the figures for We Love Fine. I really like the unique way they do the 'Ponies. It's a little more Japanese-style anime over the American-style anime that the t.v. show does--I think it's cuter! :)

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            Ah; really? I thought it was the default style of the cartoon.

            Are there any pics, of them?

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              They're slightly different, like the armour on the Nightmare Moon sculpt is very nice and the wings are far more detailled (have feathering). It looks a bit more natural for such an anime me, when Americans try Japanese animation it looks forced, because they're copying or emulating an existing style..............and in Japan the artists are just drawing this as their own style, it's just the way they draw.

              I would bet that We Love Fine has pictures of all their products on their site, since you can order from them. :)

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                Ah. I should try to look and see some examples, before maybe doing so...once I get a bank account, that I'm trying to save up, for.

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                  Good luck! :D

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                    BTW, I just saw them online; they look SO ADORABLE!

                    If I EVER buy one of them, I hope I can get Derpy!

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                      They really are. Some Hot Topic stores carry We Love Fine products......I've never seen the chibi figures there, but they've had some of the larger sculpts (like Discord). Mostly our Hot Topic carries the tee-shirts from We Love Fine--I ordered the set of figures through my comic shop.

                      I really like the pose on the Twilight Sparkle figure.........though it reminds me of a dog begging. XD