Saga of the Second Stringers #6 by keirajo

Saga of the Second Stringers #6


30 July 2016 at 09:51:23 MDT


Back near the start of the game, I was selecting all sorts of things in menus to see how they work......since there's no strategy guide to explain the mechanics to me (and I don't necessarily always get 5-word text descriptions of a thing). In the Interrogation Room, when you've interrogated prisoners from battles and matter what you can "Make Citizen" (which I am not sure what this fulfills, except for a couple of Quests), but if you've KOed their HP, then you can "Extract" or "Solicit".

I learned "Solicit" means you make them part of your team. And so I have The obviously, because I wouldn't name a character that. XD I don't use him much in battles, as I don't use many of the Monster-types, but I have used him for Research Missions and he's actually really good at that! He likes kids and wants to run a daycare someday (if you talk to him in the Pocket Netherworld he says that). :)

Disgaea characters belong to Nippon Ichi Software....I just have fun making comics of my team. :)

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