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chibi ponies #1: Stellar Orbit by keirajo

chibi ponies #1: Stellar Orbit


3 May 2016 at 07:36:43 MDT

Besides the ones I made for friends, I made a series of chibi Ponies of my own. :)

Here's the space organism-transformed into a Pony, Stellar Orbit, with some of it's space-fish friends. :D

MLP belongs to Hasbro, this OC is my own.

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    Nice! :)

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    Wow, this is really cool! I love the sparkles!

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      Awww...thanks so much! :D

      Since it is a "space" critter, I figure as a Pony it would be a very sparkly critter. :) When I colored the original designs on paper, I used glitter and gel pens for the "sparkles", it's easier to do it "neater" digitally that's for sure! XD

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        You're welcome :) Yeah, it seems like it would be much easier to do it digitally. It probably looked cool with the glitter pens though!

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          It had a pretty neat look...I can't get the "glowy red" of the body to look like the original colored pencil, so there's stuff I like in the original paper drawing. (It's a neon red colored pencil...super bright!). :)

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            That sounds awesome!

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              Yeah...I got these Tombow neon bright colored pencils at an art store, they're much better than the cheap "Crazy-Art" ones you get at Wal-Mart, they lay down more solid on the paper. :)

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    awsome and shiny

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      All the shininess! :D