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the second stringers


26 March 2016 at 15:46:59 MDT

I may be the only "Disgaea" game player who cares more about my hired secondary characters over the story-mandated main characters. chuckle In "Disgaea 5", it's so much fun talking to them in the Pocket Netherworld. They say weird and quirky things. And I totally want to write fan-fiction with them. XD But for now I created a little bookmark set of some of my favorites. Their alt colors may not be 100% accurate...I was trying to write down descriptions from playing the games, by looking at their sprites. :/

Joey (Martial Artist job class)-a weird demon who is a super-tough guy, but wants a nice guy to date.
Buttercup (Thief job class)-she constantly talks about stealing things, from your wallet to your heart.
Sohei (Priest job class)-he is rather...perverted...if I get the gist of his statements. Likes new things. lol
Steven (Pirate job class)-he is always enticing you to help him put together a harem. (Yes, seriously.)
Parvati (Magic Knight job class)-despite seeming to be serious, she says weirdly childish things.
Tomas (Devil Knight job class)-talks incessantly about seeing the darkness around everyone and that he's being stalked by it, kinda creepy. That's why I armed him with the sword-based weapon of a makes him seem funny instead. lol
Donovan (Prinny) and Em (Geo Symbol Monster)--okay, you can't tame a Geo Symbol monster in ANY "Disgaea" game, but I seriously wish you could because they are ADORABLE, even if they cause so much trouble. As for Donovan...out of the Prinnies you are "given" at the start of the game, he's one of the default that actually has some really funny lines. I rarely use Prinnies, except to blow things up with...but you know what...? I actually use Donovan as a party member at least in the Item World runs. :)
Eiko (Sage job class)-no joke, she always talks about how old she is and that her age makes her better, then turns around and asks your name again. But she seems to be fairly normal for a senior citizen. chuckle

Disgaea characters, job classes (and even the randomized names these guys have) belong to Nippon Ichi Software...............I just have fun drawing them. XD

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    You have a penguin in your team?? xD

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      Prinnies are so much more than penguins! They explode on contact. XD So if you don't mind sacrificing your own teammates to do some pretty amazing area damage to enemies...feel free to throw all your Prinny teammates at them! ;)

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        They're only good for exploding? What a life to live xD

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          Basically in this game's "universe"...Prinnies are reincarnated people, to atone for their sins. So...they have the worst and lowest job class in the universe--to be everybody's lackeys, in the hopes they pay their penance one day. Poor guys! XD

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            wow xD

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              So never do anything horrible during your life as a person in this universe...or you become an exploding demon penguin! XD

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    In the past, I've really preferred the secondary characters over the plot characters... But Disgaea 4 actually had a pretty solid team of plot-centric characters. So I had my "A team" of plot-characters and my "B team" of created characters... The "C team" was mostly DLC.

    Anyway, good work on the art! I can see your preference for the "red" color palette setting. ^_^

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      I tried so hard to stop picking alt colors with red........did not happen! XD

      I think they should do a Disgaea side game, like the Prinny one...but with you being able to do the story as one of these second stringers! :)

      Thanks! I had lots of fun...and of course I have more hired people than this! :D

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    Oh o3o

    Prinnyyyyyyyyyyyyy :v <3

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      Yep! :)

      I've actually managed to give this Prinny some decent he's not totally useless! :D