snowdust sundae (grown) by keirajo

snowdust sundae (grown)


10 February 2016 at 11:40:05 MST

There's actually an inspiration on how I came up with this Pony (though I should've made her sparkly if that's the case! XD)--was walking to my mom's on an early morning before the sun came up and the snowfall we had just gotten overnight was really pretty and sparkling under the streetlights! :)

The daughter of Cherry Blizzard and Frosted Mint of the Winter Mountain. Unlike her parents, Snowdust Sundae has a symbol (cutie mark, in the new terms) on her. :)

And if you're wondering................most of my Ponies are named with desserts in mind. XD

MLP belongs to Hasbro, this is my own OC.

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    design is beautiful.

    maby your ponies could be all realated? like the apple family is

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      Thank you! :D

      I haven't yet figured out where the Winter Mountain Ponies are canon in my head's universe...but Meri-Cheri and her family are basically from the G1 era (right after the original animated film, because they come to Paradise Estate). I've been thinking Stellar Orbit is from before then, maybe...maybe before the original 2 t.v. specials from 1983/84...but never decided for certain. :)

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    Ohhh I see

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    Yes! I agree with making your dessert-ponies relatives. =)

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      Awwww...thanks! Maybe descendants or distant cousins? :)

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    Wow, she's beautiful!

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    hooray for fluffy feet!

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      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D