medical attention by keirajo

medical attention


7 February 2016 at 07:58:39 MST

So..............I've been waiting to get the three "Disgaea 5" pictures I've drawn recently finished before posting any of them. Now that I have all three done, I'm just going to post them all at once. Have I mentioned I like the game? I really love the adaptability that "Disgaea 5" has over the last ones I ever played ("Disgaea" 1 and 2)...instead of reincarnating into a different, unlockable, rank to get alternate colors, you can choose the alternate colors from the start when you hire a character. It lets you get a little closer to a unique character, I that you like instead of a game-determined character. You can also choose from 3 personalities...and what this does is 1) affect a particular stat growth and 2) gives you some pretty funny dialogue when you talk to them in your homebase. XD Also...while any "Disgaea" game gives you the option of naming any character you hire--sometimes its much more fun to cycle through the dozens of pre-set names. There's certainly a good deal of hilarity when you come across a name like "Underwear Monster" or "Part-Time Rookie" amongst normal names like "Ben" and "Hideki"! lol

I think because the bandage has blood on it, I have to rate this with the blue border. Sorry.

My Martial Artist, Joey...seriously is the most powerful character in my game, next to Sohei (the Priest there). Killia has nearly 5-6 levels over him...uses fist-based weapons, as well...but Joey is like a damage sponge and his Forced Counter Evilty can seriously make an enemy get COUNTERED TO DEATH--he's more powerful and more durable than the main sad is that?! XD

Joey is also................uhhhhhhhhh...................well, he keeps telling me when I talk to him in the homebase that he wants to date a nice guy and he gets very angry that no guy would date him. It makes me laugh, based on his tough-guy attitude. I bet he can't stand the sight of blood, either...........

"Disgaea 5" and characters belong to Nippon Ichi Software. :)

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    This is so cute.

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      D'awwww...thank you so much! :D