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gift for XiaoMao :) by keirajo

gift for XiaoMao :)


4 February 2016 at 10:16:03 MST

A traditional lines/digital coloring badge-style drawing for dear XiaoMao. Thanks for being such a kind friend to me for all these years and supporting me even after I left Fur Affinity. hugs

Funny thing about this...I'd had this pose drawn (I've had about a dozen pose sketches laying around recently when I've been up way too long at night watching my mom) and thought to myself...only Mao would look good in a pose like this. :D

Mao Wildmane belongs to
Art by me. :)

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    This is so adorable. Really fantastic :D
    And yeah, the pose works well for her.

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      Thanks so much! :D

      Mao is always so nice...I wanted to do something nice for her. :)

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    This is very cute!
    i love the colors, and the posing!
    patterns on her arm are fantastic!
    shading is amazing as well.

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      Awwww...thank you very much! And for the favorite as well! :D

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    so pretty

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      Awwwww...thank you very much! :D

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    Dawwwww, you're a dork but I love you <333 I'll always support you. You're a fantastic person and a great friend.

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      Awwwww...thank you so much! super-hugs :D

      Eventually I'll send you the lineart for you to have personally. :)

      It feels like there are few people from FA that want to be here or talk to me. So I appreciate the handful of you that I still know, a lot! ;)