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male cleric


26 December 2015 at 17:43:01 MST

So...slowly crawling through playing "Disgaea 5" (which I really like). It's really cool that some of those job classes that didn't have opposite genders before now have them.............A MALE HEALER, thank you Disgaea people! XD Though.................they still look female.

Anyways, so I hired a male cleric and he's been killed the most of all my characters so far--as well as having the highest level of any of my characters right now, even Killia. I can't even explain this............... lol He's also really kind Or something..............I about choked on laughter when he said something about playing tag, but he didn't care unless it was kinky. (Oh...I won't even get into my male Martial Artist that I hired, though I shared that with Kilo already........! XD)

Data Screen Information
Name: Sohei
Class: Heretic
Unit Info: A sage who penalizes himself for healing. He'll cure your status ailments, too. Loves new things.

Disgaea/male cleric class belongs to Disgaea/Nippon Ichi Software.

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    The texture and swirls are awesome! And I've never heard of that game, sounds fun.

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      Awww! Thanks so much! I like testing out the different effect tools and brushes that Manga Studio has! :D

      I haven't been able to play a "Disgaea" game since #2 came out on the PlayStation 2...mainly because I never got a I was excited to play the new Disgaea game when I got a PlayStation 4! It's a fun RPG series with really funny and strange characters and dialogue! :)

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    Hahahah, Nice, I have been playing D5 since I got if for my b-day,
    I to have a male cleric named Atenza. he is catching up to my main muscle.
    I taught him a ton of offencive elemental spells XD

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      It seems everyone I hire is a real wacko when you talk to them in Seraphina's ship! XD I don't get much time to play...I can usually only play a new cutscene or re-play a board or two for the bonuses one time a week due to...........things. :(

      But thank you for looking at this and faving it! :)

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    I like how the Disgaea D2 strategy guide specifies that "that man owns the strapless evening gown." The sparkles and glitter in this pic are fun. ^_^

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      Since I don't have specific art of this job class/character right now (I literally took a photo of my t.v. screen), I know I've lost some details of the outfit. lol But I remember scrolling around the hiring screen to see what kinds of characters you could hire and I was certain this was a girl! XD

      Thanks! :D I'm having fun learning to use all of the various effects from Manga Studio...I want to be able to use them right, so all the practice is fun--to see what each brush does and what I can do with it! :)