chibi wabi: autumn print by keirajo

chibi wabi: autumn print


17 November 2015 at 07:31:33 MST

It was hard to come up with something besides last year's fall leaves print! XD

This is my new icon right now. :)

Wabi/despair Dog species belongs to me! :D

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    You could've used some Thanksgiving food print xD

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      I was racking my brains for the colors I colored turkey feathers as a child and, this looks Halloween! XD

      One thing this is teaching me with to change the size and density of the effect brushes (like the leaves and grasses). It takes a lot of messing around to get particular sizes that don't make it look like clumps or a leaf-here-leaf-there thing. :) Of course...the larger the size or scattered the density...the more lag as you're drawing......... :/

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        You can always draw ham on there xD

        It lags horribly on larger sizes for me, too :/

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          Ham print outfit....................sounds too yummy to be true! XD

          I don't mind it on brushes like the blur and blend...where everything's being mixed anyways (like when I do skies or grass or water), but on the more precision brushes, like the effect ones where you're trying to make something SPECIFIC...yeah...the lagging is a bit of an annoyance. :/

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            I'd eat (wear?) it.

            The lag really makes it hard to accomplish what you want. The only solution I've found is working on a smaller canvas so you don't have to make the brush as big :/

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              Clothes when you need when you want it. ;)

              It does...the bad part about doing the stuff with the lineart scans, reducing the size pixelates the lines--so most of my scanned art like this, I'm doing at a canvas size default of 2000px or more. chuckle

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    Tater leaves...I feel inclined towards sweet potatoes for no conceivable reason

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      Just because is good enough! XD