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24 January 2018 at 19:06:19 MST

Totem of the Day is Pigeon! This means that an important message from an unexpected source is soon to come. If your struggling, it is time to find comfort with friends and family. No matter where you are, you can close your eyes and feel the comfort of your home. Remember it, breathe it in, and find comfort anywhere. Keep your focus on your goals and be patient and determined. The Pigeon is a sign of comfort and security, a messenger to communicate love. People who are connect with Pigeon are famimly oriented people with strong maternal instincts, regardless of gender. These individuals enjoy staying at home rather than venturing out and about. They are proud of their accomplishments, but never linger and continue on to other goals and further accomplishments. Their strong morals guide them and lead their decisions, but are never pushed onto others.

Rock pigeons, Columba Livia, are often referred to as simply pigeons or city pigeons. These birds are known for their ability to be domesticated as pets, for service as messengers, racing, use in research, raised for food, and more. They exist very closely alongside humans and, while native to Europe, North Africa, and India, they live in cities and habitats all over the world. Some wild pigeons prefer living on cliffs along the coast, inland mountains, and gorges, but they are adept at thriving in city life, around farms, and suburban areas where they have easy access to food and nesting. A Pigeon's diet consists of mostly seeds of grasses and plants, sometimes berries, earthworms, insects, and berries. Within cities, they also consume foods dropped or provided by humans such as bread and popcorn. Feeding in flocks, these birds usually feed by walking along the ground or sometimes foraging in bushes or trees. Young pigeons in the nest are fed a substance called "pigeon milk" which is a secretion from the lining of the crop of the parent birds that is regurgitated to the young. Flamingos and some penguins also have a similar form of secretion that is fed to their young. Pigeons are not migratory birds, preferring to stay close to home. Their ability to return to home from very long distances away makes them useful for carrying messages when trained. Nesting occurs on sheltered cliff ledges, or when in cities, along window ledges of tall buildings, rain gutters, barn lofts, or other suitable ledges. The female builts the nest with material supplies by the male such as twigs and grass. Pigeons males court their females with puffed up feathers, spread tails, and a strutting, circular dance accompanied by cooing and bowing. They often mate for life and will sometimes use the same nesting site repeatedly.

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