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Happy Howlidays and a nude deer :P

on 17 December 2017 at 20:41:47 MST

Hey guys and gals and all you lovelies in between, thought I pen down a word or two and let your guys know I am not dead.

First off, thank you for all of you really awesome people who have faved, commented, or watched me in the past month. Thank you for liking my art, thank you <3 You guys are why I keep going!

So, sorry for the sudden drop off in activity. It's been a busy several months for this busty otsky, some ups, some downs, and some in between. To start, I got laid off from my last job back in the middle of August. This was a job I had been at for the last few years, loved every minute I was there, so it was a bit hard to be asked to leave for the simple fact my role was just not needed any more. So, for a few months, I had been job searching and debating if I should do furry art full time. While I was looking, I took a trip with the fam to europe, first time I had ever been off continent :3 It was a hectic and crazy two weeks, but I loved every minute of it. Came back home, and kept up the job searching, finally landing a new one a month ago! It's an awesome job, but it does keep me a tab busier than I am used to. That being said, with me getting into the rhythm of working again, I am trying to get back into a rhythm of arting again!

So that being said, pics to be uploaded soon, and I am, for the new year, going to try to be more active and post as much as I can. One thing I want to try is posting more sketches, which is something I really don't do, but something I should. I may not have a lot of time in the evenings anymore, but I can at least squeak out a sketch :3 Thank you guys for sticking with me, for all your patience and I hope that the new year will be a better one :3

Love and peace, and floof on you silly fuzz butts


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    Keggy. <3

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    Thank you very much for the Watch!^^
    kisses* <3<3

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    Keggy thanks for follow me hugS :D

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    Mah God, the icon is so cute! I love the art style, shading, and depth it has.

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    wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

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    Keggums! :D

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    Oh my goodness, it's the otsky~! <3

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    I really like your style!