Icon/Emote Expressions YCH (OPEN) by KeegonDragon

Icon/Emote Expressions YCH (OPEN)


11 February 2021 at 04:35:42 MST

a revamp of this YCH!

Each are £3 or 300 points each or 4 for £11!(GBP PayPal or points only!)
Custom expressions are excluded from this deal however and are £3.50 each.
I can do expressions from the previous YCH as well (linked above)

any species, humanoid or not, closed or open! Dainties, Chimereon's, etc!
any gender! I do not mind!
complex characters may cost extra or be simplified or denied but this is unlikely!
Current examples are on the sheet!

To order comment with this form! repeat with the amount you'd like! <3

expression; (1-9 OR previousYCH1-9)
payment method: (points/PayPal)

icon or emote?: (Either or both! No extra cost! If icon, please choose a background colour!)

Thanks for checking this out!
My regular commissions are open here if this YCH isn't what you're looking for!

Please do not reupload, trace or use my work in anyway without permission.
This YCH is not a base and is not free to use!