Almost 100 ✨ by Kazenishi

Almost 100 ✨


4 January 2019 at 15:11:18 MST

We are about to hit the mark of $100 per month! I’m super thankful for the support I’ve been getting over all these years!

Thank you Cohasset, Hg, Jeb and Daniel (also welcome to the horde 🎉)

With only $1 you already have access to:
:: Full Resolution art
:: Multiple version, in case the drawing has it
:: Early access of my webcomic, 7Deadly!
And with $20+ you get monthly art reward!

You don’t need to be intimidated (I’m just a nervous dragon, I swear), any kind of support is appreciated!


If you can’t help with a monthly donation you can:
:: Share this (link to twitter / link to mastodon)
:: Support my Comic Patreon instead: patreon/7Deadly
:: Donte to my ko-fi: ko-fi/kazenishi
:: Commission me: kazenishi/commission-info 


I’ll list a couple personal reason, but it’s not to guilty trigger anyone into donating; I just want to share because it feels it’s fair to tell you why I’m asking for more  and how it’ll be used to a personal, but good cause.

:: My country is being shitty on LGBT+ folks and stepping a lot over non-cis ppl and I’m a enby/genderfluid dragon
:: Family is extremely controlling (and phobic as well) so have some extra income means that I’ll stop relying on them, which is SUPERB!
:: Hit the $100 mark means I’ll one big step closer to have a good enough income to live off from my art only (minimum ideal would be $300/month haha)!

✨ Thank you so much for any kind of help and support!!

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