[Pers] - Xeno by Kazaviir

[Pers] - Xeno


13 February 2019 at 06:50:05 MST

─────────────────═| 𝖲𝖴𝖡𝖬𝖨𝖲𝖲𝖨𝖮𝖭 𝖨𝖭𝖥𝖮 |═─────────────────

This guy is an alien creature and part Zaithe which has been in the works for a long time and underwent many changes along the way.

I made a Zaithe-creature a couple of years ago (Newest version: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22464276/), which was the main inspiration and layout to this guy.
However I overhauled the face a lot. The "mask" is not pointy like a beak, but instead is more dragon-y shaped, with 3 saber-like teeth on each side plus nostrils.
This guy also has a full wolf-jawset on the upper and lower jaw, whereas the other Zaithes has no visible upper-teeth.
The spikes on the tail are moved up, and this one has raptor-claws added midway on the feet.

I also love Tyranids, so they are also a major inspiration (Mostly the arm-scythes + hooves).

He also has eyes! But they are completely black and reflect at night if light is directed at them. Spooky.

Name: Trinyne aka "39"

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