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Commission: In Bloom by Kayrea

Commission: In Bloom


Happy Valentines Day pals!
After another eternity, here I am with commission (in exchange for 2 years PM!! :D) for Samantha-dragon and her beloved dragon Dreit :P
I finally tried one really common method for painting that I saw all around dA - when you simply start with rough colors and shapes, and step by step build more and more details. I didn't stick to that for the whole process, but what matters - I used it :D Hopefully I'll be able to paint with this method more and faster than I can now :D

It's pretty sad that people are used to be separated into two groups - couples, who are usually pretty pleased at Valentines day, and forever alones, who just get depressed and sad and so on. Don't worry and don't be sad guys! Your One is waiting out there, and things will end up like they are supposed to, believe me! I know that shiat happens, I know that sometimes it's really hard to raise your chin and go on. I got to say that I went through this, but after like one year I found out that there's no real reason to be sad that you are "alone" Maybe it can seem like everything is fucked up, your crush left you, blah blah. Important thing is, if you keep believing, it will end up good - like it's supposed to. No matter what, be happy. It's easier to fall in love with happy person! :D

Sam&Dreit! I wish you so many happy years. I wish you long lifes with lots of things that will make you both smile, lots of reasons to smile. Stay strong, you have each other - and that's always worth fighting for, no matter what!

Samantha by Samantha-dragon
Dreit by Dreit
Art by moi!

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    Jsem ostuda, protože jsem si toho tady ani nevšimla :[ I když je fakt, že mi to tu umírá tak nějak celkově ^^;
    Mohla bych poprosit o poslání collection offer? :3