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I'd rather be too much of something, than not enough of something.
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Hey, I'm Kaylie! I am sixteen years old, born on March 1, 1998 in Canada. I love writing about anything and everything. I write poetry, songs, fiction, quotes, and short stories. I enjoy reading a lot of books. I love music, especially country and pop. My favourite season is Summer. My dream is to become a famous writer and possibly own my own book store. My biggest fear is spiders and anything relatively creepy. I enjoy looking at art and photographs, along with taking photographs. Meeting new people and being unfamiliar with my surroundings is a challenge for me, although I do love making friends and making people happy :) I believe life is full of surprises and should never be taken for granted. Last, but not least: Dream Big, Aim Small!

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Don't Ever Say Goodbye

on 1 May 2014 at 20:29:26 MDT

Did you know for the first five seconds
that you meet someone,
you can see the deepest part of them
until it flickers away?
That's why you know me like the back of your hand
or the criss-crossing lines on your palms,
You take my entire heart
and turn it inside out,
that's probably why I don't bother with a smile
or lie to you inside a laugh.
You hold the crumbling bits of me inside your palms
and you put them together again,
smoothing out the cracks until you know I am liquefied,
pooling at your feet,
I'm usually standing on guard with my sword and shield
but I quit after some time
when I realized there was no point when I'm standing with you.
No need for forced laughter or fake smiles,
You take me raw or you don't take me at all,
I'm so glad you took me raw
because I don't know where I would have ended up
if not in front of you.
I could never stay intact with my feelings
so I'm a huge mess every time you come around,
like i think i might be floating or something,
I can't ever feel the ground yet I can feel your fingers
when they are laced with mine.
Reality can come knocking on our door
but for the sake of it, you'd tear down the walls instead
because you just know me that well,
Don't answer the door,
because anybody who walks through a door
has the ability to leave
and I'm not sure if I can take that right now.
Don't ever say good bye.


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