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The Way Of Things by Kayju7

The Way Of Things


The Demonic Emperor walked down the halls of the citadel with his advisor's who all seemed want to talk at once to him. They turned a corner and he saw two figures ahead of him that he had not seen in so many years he had almost lost hope. He had heard what had happened the mortal realm, time moved faster in the demon realm, he waved his hand to dismiss his advisor's and rushed forwards. Yet as he came closer he notist the changes to his love, no longer was he a pure breed vampire, he had being transformed into a high-breed something between vampire, astral and now a flux.

Max had his back to him as he came closer Markus turned his head to him with a shocked looked in his eyes, the black wolf called out "Amber is that you, lad".

Amber smiled "sure is Markus, Max it's-" as Max turned to face him aswell his words vanished in his mouth, four red and black eyes met his own golden ones.

Max looked at him with sadness knowing his lover would not want him now that he looked like this, he turned his back to Amber "as you can see my attempt to stop those beasts worked but with a heavy price, I-" arms came around him stopping him from walking away he turned his head mindful of his new horns.

"Max, love" he reached up and placed his arms around his neck and lent into him "I don't care what you look like, I'm just glad your safe" Max's eyes widen his surprise.
Amber turned his head to sew that one of his advisor's had come back "my lord your needed in the thrown room".

Max and Markus looked at Amber and he spoke "hm yeah there's been a few changes since you two have been here" he smiled weakly "I'm the Emperor" both Markus and Max just looked at him with wide eyes.

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