Deer Lineart (F2U) by KaydenFrei

Deer Lineart (F2U)


24 June 2014 at 21:40:02 MDT

Note: There is also a Paint Friendly, and a Pixel version of these lines, available on DA

This is a Free To Use deer lineart (Specifically a white-tailed deer)

It can be used for personal art, or adoptables (Free, Point, or Money) but no other payed use and obviously you need to credit me somewhere in the description for it haha

I do greatly appreciated donations if you are making profit (Adopts), I accept both point donations on DA and PayPal donations (, CAD or USD).The donations help me spend time working specifically on my F2U lines, and your also free to suggest other species you would like to see lines of either by note or in the donation comment :) (Anyone else can suggest too, that just most likely to actually be done haha)

This lineart is free for use on Deviantart, Furaffinity, or Weasyl, just credit me at the corresponding account (All same Username), and if you would like to use it elsewhere just ask : ) So long as I know your planning to I probably don't mind~

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    <3 thank you for this, if our adopts do sell what percentage would you like :3

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      Its totally up to you! I don't require it so it's just a gratuity if you would like to, so it can be however little or however much you would like to share : )