Ambiguity by Kavaeric



20 April 2017 at 16:01:24 MDT

- But we haven't seen them in...decades.
- I know.
- Maybe they're just, working away quietly at some antimatter trawling company.
- Maybe.
- ...
- ...I wish I did better.


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    I like your world. (and people like you, who make interfaces that actually make sense instead of saying random shit)

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      Does the above interface make any sense to you?

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        yeah. Top Row -Temperature, Weather, Climate Control. - Lower row - Flight Controls, Artificial Horizon, something obscured
        What I mean is I'm seeing 70%+ artists insert random things that mean nothing but look cool and call it a computer. Thinking nobody will actually read it or its a joke. I like seeing some thought put into a design.

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          Well, it's actually

          Climate control / Outside weather / Lights
          Suspension / Speed, artificial horizon, altitude / Engine management