The Play by Katzbalger

The Play


13 July 2014 at 16:16:56 MDT

Viola was wed to Verys a month ago, now they're celebrating upkeep of their noble houses...
Verys had no word in the arrangement of the festivity, so whoever was the kind soul behind that arranged a staged play on the Moth Knight.

Verys doesn't seem particularly amused seeing children prancing around, dressed as some poor impersonation of him and the demon, Trata.
Yeah, that stinks. It was most likely Mordred. Also, Hollo has a tendency to grovel around Viola... He fancies one of the royal daughters himself, but poor familiar can't even get one. Well, that's sad (not).

Probably last picture in a little while. I'm gonna pick up May on the airport tomorrow, followed by a long trip home. I won't be around for a while (we're gonna stay together for 2 months, to give you an estimate), but we'll definitely put up art we make irl together. C:

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    This picture is amazing ;u; ah I love your work so much.
    You have fun on your little get away ok?
    And I look forward to seeing what you bring back with you :D

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    I look forward to in-person co-op arts~! :D

    Hope you two have a great time.

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    whoa this is very well done, excellent. i'm fond of the shading and tiny details here