Onions by Katzbalger



27 June 2014 at 04:48:22 MDT

I can't think of a title, but that's the original filename... In our RP Horace and Sixtine fled from Novere and it's been months since they had a proper meal. Sixtine complained about the lack of garnish on her meat, like onions, and after a heated argument Horace eventually stormed off, angrily yelling "I'm off to pluck wild onions. RAH rah ANGER"
Paine just loyally followed him, as usual, and she'd listen to him complain and whine as she whistles and sings songs of dead dogs dreaming.
Also, about those onions -
Let's say that's the fictional variety and those can sprout just about anywhere. Yes. The magic of fiction is truly amazing.

I haven't drawn dioramas in a while, but instead of the usual cellshaded route, I tried to paint it. It was million times more fun, but next time I shouldn't go overboard with fleshing out details. Still, I'm quite happy with it and I'll most likely tackle one for his sister, Sixtine too.

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    This is just too adorable, and the story behind it makes it even cuter! I absolutely love the painted style, too. It'd be awesome to see more of them.

    (They do remind me of the wild onions that grow like, everywhere.)

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      Sin: thank you!

      And omg... I knew I wasn't mad XD The same day I finished it, I walked to the store with my mother and we stopped by someone's fence. She asked me if I have any idea if those plants growing there were onions, but I just shrugged and went "I guess so."

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    I love these, you know,they're always so cute. And I like how you painted this one, it looks really nice.

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      Sin: Thank you! :) I hope to do more soon!

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    ZOMG This is the cutest. EVER.

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    I'll bet if you turn over the platform they're standing on you could see the tiny onion bulbs sticking through the bottom

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      Sin: I swear I should've thought of something like that. XD That's a fun one!