Unheil by Katzbalger



3 May 2014 at 13:20:01 MDT

Just a quick drawing of lady Paine, the sworn griffin of the Vitt twins (Horace & Sixtine). She's a stormwing halfbred and bloodless (undead). The necromancer twins revived her after she died in a wildren attack. Like most bloodless she's barely sane, but even after her death she remains nobly loyal towards the twins. Her voice is screamy and she loves to sing and cackle along to novern folk songs. Her musical affinity annoys them sometimes, specifically Sixtine.

The twins sent Paine in commission of Mordred to kill the royal stormwing, Vale, the griffin that took surviving Heil under her wing.
Paine overthrew Vale, posing victoriously above her as she lets go of an ear-shattering cackle. Heil watched the scene in terror, he could've run away and escaped for once and for all, but he gathered the courage to leap at the large female and bite her throat. Vale gathered her last energy to get up and ram her horn straight through Paine's chest.
The monstrous griffin gradually went limp, twitching, but no more cackling left her beak. Vale let her fall and only Heil realized that the griffin they took for a wildren didn't lose a single droplet of blood to stain the snow below.

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    Wonderfully terrifying creature.

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    Nomnomnom! Who's a good boooy? pets

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      Paine is a girl (says so in the description).

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        :o Whoops! Girl! is gender disoriented

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    I really love how she looks!