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4 January 2016 at 10:16:43 MST

Reference of Lei for May c:

Like most Hanxuli, she is small. They're Naoli pygmies and live in the denser jungles of the deep South. Lei was a shrine maiden, but a common unfortunate fate among Naoli - although Hanxuli are very rarely subject to it - is slavery. She took the rather unbelievable route all the way North to Eskara, although not deliberately. She spent a lot of time shipping around with Lanx and their Lagi captain - Gora. The only Eskaran man of their crew sold her to Ironforge, where she was a labrat for the longest of time. She escaped further South, to Hershey, and eventually met Alexander in a hospital, where she worked at.
Alexander was rather unglamorously enamoured with her... Now, that may sound silly, but they are actually a very happy pair. The only problem is that Alexander is prone to being an idiot. It can only be put this way. Idiocy.

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    I'm really loving these characters. I like all their sharp edges...that and being mixed with the stark and dark color scheme always adds to the dimension of the style. Thank you for uploading them. Is there perchance an alternate mildly nsfw version? If not that's cool.

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      Sin: Thank you! And no, I never bother saving the versions without the censor bar... Imagine two circles, one dash is what's missing. >XD I'm not huge on showing this kinda stuff on references, because I only want to see our characters depicted clean!

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        LOL, thanks for the description. I fully understand the lack of bits in the references. They're still marvelous.

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    what a cute character! I love how she looks without hair tho ♥