Senyu 1960 by Katzbalger

Senyu 1960


2 December 2015 at 16:18:15 MST

New timeline, new characters, set in Senyu, a city between Shantania and the former empire of Suolan, which is no longer a country on its own since the break of the 20s. That's entirely unrelated to the image, but hey, this affects characters that are... way back in the 20s and migrated to Hershey. Right????
I'm just tacking random trivia, because apparently having a new keyboard makes me prone to do that.

They are Mee-yon Kuroki (May's girl) and Makoto Ma. Mee-yon is the only child of a poor family.
Most notable is that her mother was Chi. Makoto is very plain outwardly, but but haunted by insomnia.
I think I don't want to ramble about them much for now. We know who they are in connection, what happens to them, etc. I'll leave the wild guess up to you for now and why they are here, who they are...

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    :o wonderful art as always

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    Your lighting and backgrounds are always so lovely to see. I especially have a soft spot for this one with the street lamp lighting ;;;

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    This picture perfectly captures the feeling of waiting for a bus when it's cold and dark.

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    A Dalek-dress, whoa. Someone should sell it already xD