REF Edytha by Katzbalger

REF Edytha


5 September 2015 at 15:28:17 MDT

We've been working on this reference for a while, mostly because we're so busy with work. May also had some paperwork to hand in to visit me soon! And I took a brief detour to Berlin two weeks ago.
It was supposed to be a collab commission sample for references. May did the sketches and portrait and I did the lines and colors. We may accept these starting at 200$ soon, slots will be announced on our FA account(s) eventually.

Edytha is May's character! All you need to know is on the reference. We'll most likely do more of these for our own characters too. :)

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    What a charming character, and also a very thorough ref!

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    This is so amazing...

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    I love how the inventory is done! :D Also wonderful picture all round as well!

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    Almost reminds me of a kelpie :O amazing work

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    That nose. The noses on these characters of yours. Just. I love it. So much.

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    This is a gorgeous and amazing character sheet.

    Cool design on her outfit and varied props. What stands out to me is the articulate lettering of her name and the old english style of the text.

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    woah shes gorgeous