REF Aiden by Katzbalger

REF Aiden


16 July 2015 at 12:05:45 MDT

Aiden is May's husbando to my waifu ->

Prime Zantelair pedigree and Paxton's only, err, successful son. He does inspections for a living, especially in the health department. We speak of Hershey's rather infamous work houses... But there's more than that, involving a certain legal ghost, Mr. Jack, who - no big secret here - is his uncle. Let's say he pitches him a good amount of money to keep an eye on another legal ghost - his father. His family has a bit of a cooperate background that better stays erased from the eyes of bureaucrats. He married Darcia with nothing in mind but status, but sadly this marriage goes funny places as they both have unpleasant secrets that unravel one by one. He knows nothing of the beast that broods within... Darcia woke it.
There's fun details as to why she murdered him, but I hopefully will draw more involving that. x)

(There's a kneeslap laugh worthy reference here... Oh dear.)

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    All of your characters are so interesting design wise, love the angular looks and expressions to them!

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    OMFG this is so awesome

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    Reads the description, really interesting that he turns into a crow monster. I hope you get a chance to expand on that.

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    Are all Eskarans capable of transforming into beasts or is this couple unique? Gorgeous art, btw. I adore everything you do.

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      Thank you! And no, that's only a feature exclusive to these two and a few other characters. Eskarans otherwise don't have any abilities x)

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    I really love this reference format. So elegant.