Who am I? I go by name Katry Nanne, but people tend to call me Katry or just plainly – Kat. I’ve been an artist and a huge enthusiast of video games since the very beginning of my life. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen; it’s been mostly animals (especially cats) that I enjoyed to draw when I was little, but now, things have gone a little wild with me and I enjoy to draw almost anything: animals, people, monsters. I’m a newbie at human anatomy though.

What do I like? I like pokémon, skyrim, tomb raider, alice madness returns, minecraft, animal crossing, super smash bros, bioshock, rayman, fallout and basically - gaming. It was my dad who took me on this awesome path with him – he was always a huge gamer himself and I’m really glad that I get to enjoy games with him.

What else? I’m 99% selftaught. I attended art school for few years but eventually, I quit. They taught me basics of traditional art there, but nothing else, pretty much. The whole point of this school was to come there, give them money, sit down for couple of hours, draw some shitty picture and go home without any of the teachers really helping you and criticizing your work. So, eh, everything you see in my gallery is work of a selftaught artist that tries to improve on her own mistakes.


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