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Beyond her Kalied by KatAuroraMist (critique requested)

Beyond her Kalied (critique requested)


21 September 2015 at 13:29:31 MDT

You try your best but it's not quite there
You kick a stone and say,
“it's just not fair!”
A simple girl living simple dreams
A rumour that's not quite as it seems~
Brighter than tonight’s sunset
The sky is bursting forth
and planes can see
the ocean’s rising up
just to meet with me
Galaxies and stars collide
It’s awaiting- your discovery
Open the window and break free
Space is calling your destiny

Beyond her Garden and Kalied~ Combined lyrics.
I was listening to these two songs while drawing this.

Just a quick thing I did, almost entirely inspired by those two songs. Basically it's Kat looking out over the ocean and the stars, reflecting on her life~

Character/Art~ Me

Have a Great Day/Night!

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    Fantastic work, very beautiful <3

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      Thank you so much! <3 And thanks for following me as well ^^

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    wow thats amazeingly well done and incredibly beautiful

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      Thank you! ^w^ It was a very quick thing I did and I'm so happy that it turned out good! :D

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    quick? if i did this it would take me a few weeks at least

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      I've practiced a lot with stary/galaxy skies so that part was a breeze ^^ If it was something out of my comfort zone it probably would take a week XD