Why are you gone? - CinderFrost soundtrack by Karuno

Why are you gone? - CinderFrost soundtrack


15 June 2013 at 10:31:58 MDT

"Why are you gone?

Ciel, I wish you told me before, but now I am alone, and life goes on".

Okay, so who doesn't know :icondemicoeur:?

If you don't, stop by her furaffinity

I have been reading her comic CinderFrost and totally loved it. The plot twist inspired me and I wrote that piece of music for the 6th page. I think the mood kinda fits, at least the first part.

She agreed on this, making me the biggest honor she could possibly do, and so here it is.

The voices were quite hard to adjust and I am still not 100% satisfied with the result. I will most likely update this later. Some pedals issues on the piano, too ; Will be fixed as well.

I also hesitated way too long wether I should put the celesta or not. The pros and cons were the same as in It Was Nice Living with You ; obviously I ended up putting some celesta :veryhappy:

Critique is really welcome :-D

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    very moving

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    simply beautiful... keep up this wonderful work.

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      That's what I intend to do ! :-p From now I'll post only music I consider as "correct".

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    : < I wished this could be looped so it would play for an hour ...
    really wonderful

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      I am glad you liked it :)

      This track has been remasterized and I had the help of real musicians to record some parts of it. It will be a part of my new album ; the new version sounds way more alive

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        will you be posting it on your page by any chance?

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          Depends on the timing. I consider releasing a new album and the remasterized version could be a "feature". But of course I'd upload a couple of new tracks here, I just though that maybe reuploading this one was not really the priority. Don't worry, though, there's good stuff among the new tracks (or so I hope :D)

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          Finished the new instrumental ! I just have to get the voice track done and it'll be done ! :D

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    Very inspirational, good job!