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Saski Berth Forum Signature by KarouWS (critique requested)

Saski Berth Forum Signature (critique requested)


Ancient Forum Signature, from Lofty Bearings, when it existed.
Art © me ... circa 1998

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    without knowing the stock you used it's hard to give tips. Like i'm not sure if guitar and other were rendered or not. I would recommend a more interesting background, maybe get some grunge brushes for whatever program you use, and kinda play around with those for a very simple yet attractive background. A very thin border would be a nice inclusion as well.

    I think move the face beneath the handle(?) of the guitar and make the UN a bit larger and resting on top of the handle. The dragon(?) could set in a various other areas on the guitar (you can flip it horizontally to change the way it's facing).

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      Honestly, if I remember correctly, I used Google to find the base source for the Guitar, then I altered the coloring using Photoshop.
      The UN and the eyes were freehanded in Photoshop.
      As for the Firelizard, I, again, used my Google-fu to find the base image, then Photoshop to manipulate it to where it is.

      Seeing as I was using a Macintosh IIfx, with Photoshop 4.5 ... (pre CS, back when it could be put on Floppy Disks)
      Background was left plain for two reasons, at the time.
      1 : You try not to disrupt Forums too much with extravagant images, or at least that was the rule for the Forum I used this on.
      2 : I was RP as an Arctic Fox based Kitsune ... so, white fur, blending in. That's why I just hinted at the face, at the time.
      3 : I try to keep any signatures I use to a minimalistic design, as if I need to 'fix' it, there's less to match.
      4 : This was designed pre-grunge. ^_^

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        Lots of info I didn't know at the time lol. Not familiar with photoshop, I prefer gimp since I'm familiar with it.

        In that case, the only thing I'd have changed would have been face and text alterations I mentioned earlier, but it's well done given the situation you described to me ^,^ I didn't get started in gimp till about 6 years ago so I don't know what was available in photoshop/gimp during that time but I'm going to assume it was extremely simple program compared to what is now available.

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          I think this was pre-GiMP, to be honest. Back in the days of Mac OS 6 ... ancient history.