Grooming Mishaps? by Karma's Camera (critique requested)

Grooming Mishaps? (critique requested)

Karma's Camera

16 November 2016 at 20:23:32 MST

Maria offered Sol to help brush her soft, plush hair for the first time to make it look all pretty 'n' such~
A being of knowledge would know a thing or two about grooming, right?

But the poor fella dropped his only means for defending himself!
Now he's dooomed!
Maybe not really, tho~

And Maria's only pretending to not know what's going on behind her |P

For my very good friend, Sol-Latiar on DA, I did a while back~

Love how the hair into a "scary-octopus-tentacle-monster" thingy xD

Also, a Uxie with eyes open? AAA LOOK AWAY
Your expression is golden tho, mister~

Darkrai and Uxie belong to Nintendo/Gamefreak
Sol belongs to Sol-Latiar
Maria belongs to me