Not Here... by Karma's Camera

Not Here...

Karma's Camera

14 November 2016 at 18:38:48 MST

A Milotic sits at this quiet city beach to have a nice, romantic evening with her special someone, as well as wanting to show off her new lingerie that she bought to him...
But it looks like it turned into a case of being stood up...

I think she's been waiting there all night
Crying, too ;;w;;

Just moving some of my art here from DA, that's all

Please excuse the lackluster water effect, as I sorta suck at drawing scenery/backgrounds
Love how the posing turned out, tho~

Milotic belongs to Nintendo/Gamefreak


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    (walks up to her) Hey, you don't need to feel bad. That guy who stood you up, don't worry about him, if he didnt show, he's not worth it! I'll bet that you can find someone way better, trust me.