Mr Octopus by Karla-Chan (critique requested)

Mr Octopus (critique requested)


20 February 2016 at 09:17:44 MST

This is what I have been working on lately. This has taken me a really long time to do, and I had to do the inking in a few sittings actually, since I do it traditionally so, all those suckers were done by hand. I kind of hope that all that time on the details was worth it.

I tried to be careful with the shading so I didn’t loose too much of the details. Since I didn’t want it all to look too much, which I thought could have easily been done.

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    Wow, that is a lot of work, but it DID pay off. The shape of the body is more powerful than a lot of octopus drawings, and you made the suckers in tidy rows and with spaces in between, and you made them different sizes where variation seems reasonable, all of which keeps the larger areas interesting. You used different hashes to get different shading values while sticking with a uniform technique, and you kept it to a minimum needed to provide depth. Your choice of background works very well: colors and patterns.

    I'm much more a writer than a draw-er, so I may miss technical points, but I can't find anything in this that seems off.

    I really appreciate traditional art done well, and this is a winner.

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      I am really pleased to hear that you appreciate how much work I put into this, since there was a lot. So for people to notice the effort you went to is really good to hear. So thank you so much. I did the suckers didn't sizes because I wanted to stylise them a little more. Since I am aware that I did take artist liberties.

      Plus it doesn't matter if you are a writer, but know what things look good and pleasing. :D