Iris Ref - by ZombieCollie by Karamoon

Iris Ref - by ZombieCollie


24 January 2014 at 20:35:44 MST

Let me start this off by saying that   zombiecollie has outdone herself yet again! She is an amazing artist and I've been working with her for refs of my girls since I asked her to do Rose and I have commissioned her for other works too and she never disappoints! Getting down to the meat of things though...

Iris is a blue tiger, she is very shy and yet mischievous and is very clever... She's always leaving pranks and traps around the house for the other girls, not limited too but including replacing the towels in the bathroom with ones that would turn the others into flesh and blood creatures for roughly two days as they dried themselves off... Violet and Rose were particularly upset about that one while Jasmine just kept commenting on how fluffy they'd all become and rubbing her face on their fur.

Like all of the other girls Iris has a strong pheromone laden perfume, her case it's the scent of Irises hence her name also like the other girls growth/shrink trigger... Hers is lust and sexual arousal but due to her shy and timid nature she has a love/hate relationship with it because she hates being the centre of attention and the position of her nozzle...

When she grows her curves will grow larger but her body will stay proportionate, but if she is inflated with her nozzle her body will stay at it's current proportion and just grow larger to accommodate the higher volume.

If Iris becomes aroused she will slowly start to grow bigger and bigger for the amount of time she is aroused, the growth can be sped up with stimulation if she is with someone that she likes or she is trying to reach her nozzle but if she is with someone that makes her uncomfortable or unwelcome it will cease and she will move away from them.

Iris' growth from arousal is semi-permanent, it will take several days for her to shrink back down to her regular size unless she is able to climax with a trusted friend or is able to reach her nozzle and pop it open which will cause her to climax but this is quite hard for her because of it's location and by the time she can reach it she could be anywhere from 5 feet to 5 or more stories tall...

If someone ever tried to force themselves upon her even as simply as touching her when she wasn't interested she would push them away and walk away, she is trained in various kinds of magick and if worse came to worse she will disapparate with a loud bang leaving any potential problem makers behind.

There is more of this to come.

Art ©   zombecollie

Iris ©   karamoon

Iris belongs to Karamoon and no one else may re-post this picture in whole, part or edited without the permission of both myself and the artist with the exception of the artist as it is her work. If they see this anywhere else they will chase after you with a large stick! If they see it on F-List then he will ensure it is removed and you are dealt with appropriately.

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