Violet is about to get Violent! - By Mirera by Karamoon

Violet is about to get Violent! - By Mirera


24 January 2014 at 20:31:19 MST

Let me start off by making this perfectly clear... Violet is not a cub, she is a full grown adult that has been shrunken down and dressed like this against her will!

This is more or less me poking fun at babyfurs and my own characters in general, I'm not really a fan of babyfurs with a few exceptions! If I was going to make fun of them I figured I'd do it in a way that was subtle and in a way that would be making fun of one of my characters in the process... If you know Violet then this will make perfect sense.

Now that, that's out of the way let me give you a bit of a backstory to how this happened... If you're not familiar with Violet she's a balloonie skunk that will grow bigger when she's dominating and humiliating someone else so long as they are secretly enjoying it, if they are able to get it over on her though she will shrink down.

Jasmine found her in such a state and decided it would be fun to play dress up with her despite Violet's objections... When Violet gets back to her regular size Jasmine is going to be a big trouble.

I know that hardly anyone is going to read the story below so here's all the important stuff!

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Art ©   mirera

Violet & Story ©   karamoon

Violet belongs to Karamoon and no one else may re-post this picture in whole, part or edited without the permission of both myself and the artist with the exception of the artist as it is her work. If they see this anywhere else they will chase after you with a large stick! If they see it on F-List then he will ensure it is removed and you are dealt with appropriately and Violet will rip your face off.

Violet had been hanging around a bar all night looking for someone to take home and have a bit of fun with, her tail swaying behind her as her purple eyes scoured the room looking for someone she thought would be fun to play with...

Her perfume, look and attitude caught the attention of almost everyone except one human at the end of the bar that seemed too consumed with his schooner of stout to really care about her so she slowly made her way over, she loved to break the tough ones...

She sat down on the stool next to him and ordered a glass of whatever he was drinking and started chatting with him for about an hour, slowly releasing her strong perfume... Before too long the bar was filled with a heavy aroma of lavender, latex and pheromones.

It was getting on closing but everyone there was beginning to act strangely and beginning to act out their innermost secret desires at the time, a couple of them started fighting, one of them jumped up on the table and started singing, about 6 of them came up and started poking Violet curiously but they were easily handled with a whack from her tail that sent them to the floor.

But the guy next to her wasn't interested, he just sat there drinking his beer which perplexed her... After a few minutes and after someone came up behind her and hugged her tail, to which she quickly sprayed him with her musk which happened to be a super concentrated form of her perfume she leaned over and whispered to the guy 'Why don't we get out of here and go somewhere a little more private?'

He looked her over and nodded without saying a word, with that they both finished their beers and Violet got off of the stool and stepped over the passed out victim of her musk, using her large body to force her way through to the door with the guy in tow behind her she left the anarchy of the bar behind just as the police were showing up to see what all the noise was...

She casually strolled by and gave them a wave with a smirk and walked a few doors down to where she lived with Rose and Jasmine. She tried to sneak in with the guy she'd picked up from the bar but being as big, round and squeaky as she was they both heard her come in and ran in to ask how her 'hunt' was.

They both stopped in their tracks and looking at each other giggling as soon as they saw whom she was with... The man lifted a finger to his scraggly red beard and motioned for them both to be quiet with a smirk as his piercing blue eyes meet theirs.

'You've got a cute one there Violet...' Rose giggled softly.

'I want to play with him next!' Jasmine said quickly, in an almost childlike fashion.

The man's smirk grew wider as Violet's tail wrapped around him possessively, as though she thought he was going to try and run away... 'This one is mine, go and find your own!' she said with a frown crossing her arms and leading him upstairs to her bedroom.

Before too long Violet had him where she wanted him, he was sitting on her bed and she was doing a belly dance releasing her perfume trying to get him to open up to her but the pheromones didn't seem to have any effect so she sat in his lap and started rubbing his bald head with her paw firmly pressing his face into her buxom breasts, still to no avail...

She pouted some as she heard a soft hissing sound and realised that she was getting smaller...

'What the...?!' she exclaimed.

She had never run into the problem of someone she couldn't play with before... She'd only lost a few inches but she still didn't want to lose any more!

She jumped off of his lap and started rubbing up against him sensually, trying to look for any signs of submission but none were present and she lost another few inches... This went on for some time until she was about half of his size and ordering him to leave as he just sat there smirking at her.

The room was thick with perfume and it was beginning to seep under the door into the rest of the house, Rose and Jasmine sniffed at the air giggling because they both knew exactly what was happening.

The man silently picked up the 3 foot Violet and started teasing her by motioning to pull out her valve which caused her to lose another foot in about the space of a minute...

In the end he got bored of playing with her and pulled it out before sitting on her and pinching it open, he smiled to himself as he felt her body strain and squeal and squeak underneath his weight as she lost her air and became a crumpled pile of purple rubber sitting on the bed.

He causally got up, walked out of the bedroom door and found Rose and Jasmine in the kitchen directly underneath Violet's room. He smiled at Jasmine and said 'She's all yours!' before walking out the backdoor and out into the night.

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