Jasmine reference by Zombiecollie by Karamoon

Jasmine reference by Zombiecollie


13 December 2013 at 18:30:14 MST

After zombiecollie did such a great job on Rose and Violet I commissioned her to do a reference of Jasmine from my story Rose and she really didn't disappoint, she was so patient with me from beginning to end with working with me to see what might work and what didn't work and she had some really great ideas on how to bring her out of the story and give her a face.

I'd also like to give mirera a shout out for being kind enough to look over one of the potential colour schemes and give me an honest opinion on it and a suggestion as to where to go with it.

Seriously guys, if you're looking for a ref sheet or any other kind of art the two people I'd recommend off the top of my head are zombiecollie & mirera

Art © zombiecollie

Jasmine © karamoon

Jasmine belongs to Karamoon and no one else may re-post this picture in whole, part or edited without the permission of both myself and the artist with the exception of the artist as it is her work. If they see this anywhere else they will chase after you with a large stick! If they see it on F-List then he will ensure it is removed and you are dealt with appropriately.

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