Re-Reintroducing.... by Karaken



17 June 2014 at 18:06:47 MDT

Natascha Vladislaus, Timothy's mother~

Where else do you think Tim got his looks and libido from? Born and raised in Russia, this buxom lopunny moved when Tim was around ten years old. While six years have past, Natascha still seems to have some trouble with the language and with dealing with the unnaturally warm and humid weather it has to offer.

And is Tim embarrassed? Is Tim actually and for truly embarrassed?! YES! The one and only person to make this usually domineering and sexually active lopunny to think twice and do anything is his very own mother~ Poor poor Timothy~

Art: KaBoozle

Tim and Natascha: Karaken

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    Beautiful ;3;

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    Daaaaamn, that's such a hot lady there :D

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    You mean to tell me Tim actually has a 'weakness'? ' 0 ' Nice to see his mom back too. XD

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    Mom's know how to exploit your weaknesses without even trying, for truly :P

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    It is ok Tim, she is sexy as hell

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    My word, she is a lovely lady Lopunny! And flustered Timothy is a rare, cute sight. :) I really love these two (even though Tim's mother has considerably less exposure), and look forward to seeing more of them! I also have a few characters I would love to see meeting one or both of your lovelies here. ;)