Jolson & Jones #100 - The 100th page! by Kaoru (critique requested)

Jolson & Jones #100 - The 100th page! (critique requested)


7 June 2017 at 10:00:29 MDT

Oh, whoops! We're at 100 pages? A perfect excuse for Scott to go all meta. What a trickster!

Also, it was nice to go back and draw all the (more and less) important characters one more time. And for some it even was the very last time, I'm afraid. Unless plans change, that is. Never say never because you never know, you know?

Can't believe I really did a 100, btw. This is without a doubt the longest project I've ever worked on... and still am working on. Yikes.


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    Get back into your panels, you renegades!

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      Too late! Once the cat is out of the bag......