It Grooves! (Album cover) by Kaoru

It Grooves! (Album cover)


25 March 2016 at 07:42:21 MDT

The cover for a mixtape I put together for sot sot . The name "It Grooves!" is because it's all about funky basslines and song electronic beats. And it also gave me a good excuse to draw a bubble around that title, and making the cover look as if it's part of a longer story, an adventure that Simon and Samson, two of Sot's characters, are having. :D I have no full idea of what's going on here however... and it's up to everyone's own imagination what the actual plot of that story is. ;)

And well... in case you're wondering what's actually on the tape... here's the full playlist:

1) Jimi Tenor - Year of the Apocalypse
2) IGB0 - Gimme Gimme
3) Die Fantastischen Vier - Laß die Sonne rein
4) Ole Hegle - Wildlife
5) Fabrice Lig - Sweet Remembers
6) Lemon Demon - Redesign Your Logo
7) Ken Ishii - Time Flies
8) Karma - My Resting Place
9) Jack Penate - Tonight's Today
10) Egoexpress - Weiter
11) Daniel Grau - Atlantis
12) Scott Walker - The Old Man's Back Again
13) R. Stevie Moore - Sit Down
14) Prince - In A Large Room With No Light
15) Edgar Winter - Above and Beyond
16) Miles Davis - Mtume
17) Minus 8 - Badman & Throbin'
18) Hildegard Knef - Im 80. Stockwerk
19) Marcos Valle - Vinte e Seis Anos de Vida Normal
20) Rinder & Lewis - Willie and the Hand Jive

So! Groove on folks! =)

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