Princess of the Stars by kandikytty

Princess of the Stars


12 February 2015 at 16:09:47 MST

"But I'm scared of the dark mommy"
"You don't have to be afraid sweetie, Luli's watching over you"
"Who's Luli?"
"Luli is the daughter of mother moon...the little princess of the stars, and she makes all the stars in the sky so that little boys and girls never have to fear the dark. So, any time your scared, you can look out your window and see the millions of twinkling little stars glowing like night lights in the sky."

Sooo, this started out as just a sketch to relieve some stress and went waaaay further than I intended. I've fallen in love with her design and as I was finishing up I got this little story about her stuck in my head, so I have a new OC now, lol. Luli, the little princess of the stars. She's a daughter of the sun and the moon and she makes stars for her mother so she doesn't feel lonely when all the people go to bed at night. When she gets really excited or happy, her hair and body glow. She obviously likes star shaped stuff and she never wears shoes (she claims that they weigh her down so she doesn't like them).

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