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Taking the Curve by Kanagrooboy

Taking the Curve


9 March 2014 at 01:28:46 MST

Quick story: for those that know. I've been driving a big, lumbering Range Rover since 09. Well, it sang its swan song just after Christmas and blew out one of her CV joints. Having dealt with an interim vehicle (another Rangie, but lifted and a dead power steering pump), I finally have gained another car! A sweet little Civic hatchback. I've forgotten how fun it is to drive a little car, and taking a corner without feeling like I'm going to tip!

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    There needs to be more furries driving cars pictures. Looks like you're going somewhere with a great view!

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      It really is something that needs to be done to really put the feeling down in a different medium. Have me talk about it, and I'll simply spiral down into artsy talk about symphonies of man nd machine and zen being one with the car. There's motorists, then there are drivers, ya know what I mean?

      The setting is actually based off a canyon I live just outside of. It's really well known for being a place to put your and your car through the paces. It was the road that I used to fine tune my shifting, and where I had driving an RR car down to a science. The view is really nice, too. There's one road where all the sweet curves end if you're driving in, aptly named Skyline Road. Air quality permitting, you can look one way, see the Sierra Nevada mountains, look opposite and see the Catalina Islands

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        I just started getting into sketch work (like literally today), and this really makes me want to sketch my first car... the feeling of driving out somewhere just for the purpose of driving is pretty amazing. It took me awhile to start driving as I had a lot of trauma related to it, but I enjoy it when I can just take a ride out to the ocean or the country for no real reason. It's guttural, it's primal, yet it's a modern achievement of man. Anyway that sounds like one hell of a view, I'm envious.

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    You've really captured a sense of movement in this.

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      Thanks! even if it doesn't have that much sway, it sure feels that way behind the wheel.