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Emergency Commissions! Please help me!

on 21 July 2014 at 10:03:08 MDT

Today something awuful happend, my mackbook's magnetic adapter broke down!
My parents, well they got mad about that... I have no more than 2 years using the same Laptop. So they refused to borrow me some money to buy another one.

The very problem here is that I'm just to a pair of weeks to start my career and I need my laptop alive!. I'm gonna use it more often than nowadays!

The adapter that I need is this one (Spanish store) it costs 1.299 MXN , more or less 100 USD So I decided to open more commissions than 3 slots to reach the money that I need ...
Also I'm still needing to pay my friend who bought me a ticket for a concert that we went together time ago (I've been telling that before).

So the quantity that I'm seeking to reach is about 125 USD I know this is gonna be hard but I'm gonna do my best to worth that money.

So my commissions' information is right here: PP_CM Informtation

Commission Chart:

The special commissions that I offer you for this emergency are full renders commissions with simple BG like this work of mine deppending the character's complexity I'll charge between 10 USD until 20 USD.
I know it contradicts a little my CM Chart, but that kind of drawings are not so hard to do for me right now.

If you don't want the special commissions, you still can choose any of the commissions showed in the links on the top.

Thank you very much!!!

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    thanks so much for the faves ;u; <3

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    Thanks for the returned follow! Your work is really fun, you have a good eye for movement. Looking forward to seeing more :}

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      Was totally a pleasure! I appreciate a lot your comments about my work, really <3. I like a lot the way you use either mixed media for your work ,and the eye that you have to make color contrasts! I'll be looking forward too ;)