class 1 light freghter by kamar (critique requested)

class 1 light freghter (critique requested)


20 January 2014 at 08:33:22 MST

just a Ship. With modular components For weapons and cargo. this is an old pic and probably the best it's going to get with my current skill. I'm not a very good artiest and it's looks a little blocky due to i cant draw to well and i made it purely on computer.

Has a Star Wars influence to it. has several configurations to it. If you want to know more about it just ask if you like.

A light freighter

standard Sub-light with extra thrusters

Class 3 Hyper-drive

Weapons no on body standard. Medium range laser cannons and low yield rocket attachments.

50m long 10m wide by 10m. 150Kg wt.

500kg built in cargo with the capability to add on 100Kg capacity as well as 200kg pods and capable to dock two or more ships together.

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    Kind of simplistic graphics.... but for some weird reason I'm getting odd flashbacks of Star Control 2. Neat :)

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      well i did do this about 5 years ago or so and did it with Microsoft paint at the time all i had access to

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        not to mention not an artist

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          Wasn't neccessarily criticizing :p
          Always interesting to see designs stuff like this. Btw, talking about custom spaceships, did you hear about the Starmade(not starbound) or Space Engineer games? :)

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            i have acsess to starmade starbound have Space Engineer, need to download. ave another one called Kinetic Void

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              though Kinetic Void isnt multiplayer yet

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              oh and then ya have kerbal space program that has a mod for multiplayer

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                I need to try out Kerbal Space Program more ;_;
                I have tons of friends playing the game and they all have such hilarious stories.