My furry character finished by kamar

My furry character finished


4 February 2016 at 03:33:37 MST

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Well he was born a noble the second youngest out of 2 brothers and 1 sister whom is the youngest. mother died giveing burth to his sister other then that he grew up like most nobles but he was always different from his other siblings that he never wanted to be a noble as he saw lot of kids his age having so much fun when they weren't working that he never seemed to have. Starting in his teen years he wanted to learn magic but his father never seemed to want him to and had found good excuses to prevent him from learning witch lead him to running away from home.

He found his way to a mage collage to learn how to use magic. After a few months with no progress in the use magic the collage decided to use a rather rare test on him to determine his magical aptitude. Upon the completion of the test they found he had a very rare natural aversion to magic that also effected his use of magical items as well. what had surprised them though was his skill and affinity to rune crafting and practical use.

He soon decided to study solely on runes but the collage wouldn't let him stay to study just runes and since he couldn't use any other magic they had him leave, but since he had such an aptitude for runes they offered to allow him to use there library. Unannounced to him that was due to his father found out he was there and reluctantly funded his schooling there along with other agreements that were made years before he was born.

He decided to take up residence in the town under a false name to attempt to hide himself from being found by his father and took up a apprenticeship to a blacksmith and found he had rather a good talent for smithing not to mention a good way to practice his rune crafting. He turned out to be so talented that he earned his journeyman status in only a few short years, due to no small part to his skills in his rune crafting. in that time as well he actually became a rather skilled runecrafter matching the current masters in the rare and nearly forgotten craft.

In the short time he was enrolled in the school he started a relationship with one of the mages there that continued the whole time he was living in the town. but during the time of his time as an apprentice they kept there relationship quiet from all who could inform her father for he was the head master of the school who had no idea of who he really was even though his father funding ad agreements with the school. He holds a dim view of people who had no magic training and really despises people who are trained solely in the physical arts and only saw him as a no magical talented commoner. This didn't bother him in the least for it is what he wanted in the end.

He began to train as a fighter to better his skills if he had ever had to defend the ones he loved. it had also allowed him to test his skills in his runes crafting on his weapons he made for himself. but after a time his skills in rune crafting weapons made him better known in the circals of rune craters but only under his assumed name.

After some time his girlfriend's father found out about their relationship. During the fight that ensued her father miscast a summoning spell at the time they didn't know that it happened to bind the fighter with a dire wolf. It caused a drain in the his energy and he had to flee town to hopefully see if he could get his love out of town later before her father could finish him. it took an unusual amount of time to get his strength back.

After his strength returned that's when the changes started. At first he thought he might have gotten a cold while he was healing. but then that's when he noticed a fine blueish fuzz stated to spread over his body as that was happening his feet started to feel funny as they started to grow claws and the bones increased in density and as it spread over his body his hands went though the same process. his teeth started to sharpen and his jaw and nose started to push out into a muzzle and his sense of smell increased.

After the changes stopped he started to feel better rapidly. As soon as he felt well enough he decide to try to convince his love to believe that it was he and to leave with him. He felt rather confident that she would after how her father tried to keep him from her. So when night fell he did his best to sneak in to town and to her home. After a few close calls he got to her home and found her father dead killed by a blade still in his back. After he saw this he ran to his love's room to find it like a battle had been fought with scorch marks on the walls and blade marks in and on the furniture . He decided to try to find something to see if his love had survived. That's when he found the note she had started to write and found that she was going to leave town and try and find him since she thought he had fled her father to a different town and was afraid to come back. As he read on he found that the note changed tone to a rushed hastily done note that she was attacked by unknown people for unknown reasons and hoped some one would find this note and find and give to the one she loved. He read this he made a vow to find her and stop the people who threatened her life, if they were still trying to kill her.

as the months wore on he began to discover he had a knack for, although he didn't like it at first, negotiation skills that had learned the basics before he ran away from home that helped him to better improve his chances to find his love and hide his appearance from others. Which is how he found out he was getting close to finding his love and fining hints on who is after her. At that time he also discovered that they didn't want to kill her but use her in a dark ritual that would bring out her dragon blood as she was a sorceress with ancient dragoon blood in her.

he soon found the location and time that there ritual would take place witch means she was found and captured and made his way to the place they were. he was nearly to late to stop the full ritual that would have left her a slave to them but had instead bound her to him. at that time he also learned after his run in with her father before he died had had a major impact on him for he found he could actually use magic now and had learned that the bond they shared was stronger then the original spell would have done due to the bond they didn't know they already shared already.

At the end of there ordeal he decided to head home to convince his father he was his son for he knew he had change in appearance drastically but had one thing that he was confident that would convince his father and family.

In the time it took them to get back they found out that the spell had effects on both of them and she had control of her form were she could look like a typical dragon or a humanoid form, but no matter how herd she tried she could no longer appear human even with a spell. and they both also noticed a small change in his appearance with the addition of dragon like eyes that he can hide with similar magics that allows her humanoid form and other more intimate area was unable to be changed but distinctly dragonic and scales under his fur and hard to see. She suspected there "soul" bond before her change allowed the ritual magic to bleed thou a small amount and make these changes.

after they arrived at his home they found out that her father actually wasn't dead and awaiting the return of the guards that were sent out to find her. it took time to convince them that it was his daughter in front of him and to get his mind to accept it. during the time she and her father were discussing everything Kamar went to discuss the issues he dreaded to his father to convince him to believe he really is is second oldest. after several discussions on past events and the family crest he bore he finally convinced him.

later that night his girlfriends father came in finding out that he was the person romancing his daughter he relay let out an explosive burst of anger which at that time the family guards restrained him.

after a few days his father finely ended up hearing about that and demanded why he was there in witch the reply was he attacked his son and was thrown in the jail. of course Kamar did try and tell them to release him due to it being a misunderstanding. But his fathers protocol was rather strict in attacks to the family. but he was convinced by Kamar to release him after hearing the circumstances behind it.

Kamar soon learned why his girlfriends father attacked him that she was part of a deal with the collage to be betrothed to his second oldest for return for funding and favors for the mage school. this in turn really surprised him and discovered the funny situation he was in, that he was already romancing the one betrothed to him. That was one of the reasons he ran from home in the first place. then he really gonna get a rather interesting show from Jenaphers father when it was he who had altered Kamars circumstances in his life.

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