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The Long Road - Original Composition by Kalmor

The Long Road - Original Composition


28 July 2015 at 16:26:41 MDT

For RedSavage

On the 25th of this month, RedSavage and her roommate, Milofox, got involved in a road traffic accident while changing tyres by the side of the road. It sadly took both their lives.

I was a friend of Red's, basically the whole of the FA forums community were at some level. She was a determined character, never gave up and had the biggest heart I have ever seen in this fandom. She was a fountain of knowledge and experience and a budding writer. She was always willing to give advice to those in need while battling through her own personal challenges - and winning. Everyone knew her and everyone admired her, even those she occasionally argued with on the forum. She never held a grudge in her life because she wasn't the sort of person that would. She will be sadly missed.

I wanted to create something for her, and this is what I made. I've been working on this for 2 days straight, determined to have it not become yet another unfinished composition (of which I have many), not procrastinate... For you Red, for you. <3

If you would like to download this, I am offering it for free over on my bandcamp page - - since I did need to compress it into (crappy) mp3 for upload to FA. I only have a limited amount of free downloads, so if they run out, feel free to message me so I can arrange something.


The full score is available on my dropbox here -

And the full score and parts in one big .zip -


Soundcloud -
Youtube -

The tribute cover art was done by xinkling . The original is here . Used with permission.

Music is (c) Kalmor

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