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on 18 February 2013 at 10:59:11 MST

Well then! My friend talked me into joining this community and I must say, it's very well done! I like it more than Fur Affinity in the aspect that it doesn't idolize only the popular artists. Let's see how far this goes :P For those that are just now seeing this, I'm not going to upload all of my pictures here. Only a select few from my previous gallery on deviantART and Fur Affinity. If you want to see those, go to:

I hope to make more art soon :D

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A quick icon that usually takes me somewhere between four and seven hours to complete. I'm still trying to flesh out my art style, so I'm going to keep the price low while I learn. I need an extra bit of cash so why not do something that helps me learn? Additional tips are very much appreciated, but are in no way necessary. I am humbled solely by the fact that you are commissioning me ^^ If you need changes done half way through the drawing, feel free to let me know! :D


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    Thank you for the +follow - it is greatly appreciated. ^^ <3

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      I'm surprised I wasn't doing it earlier! :3

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    Hey there! I believe I met you today in Lecc's stream. :3c Thank you kindly for following. X3

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      Of course! :D

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    I couldn't agree more, I dislike it. How it focus's on the popular artist, and frankly I'm sick of how "STUCK UP" they are, it's like. I enjoy your art. Be greatful one does. Also I love your drawing, would you draw Darius? And also thank's finally for the fav. In return I'll click the "watch button" XD :D

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      I'm sorry I'm replying so late >.< Busy dragon is busy. And I'm so glad that you like my artwork :o I would love to draw Darius once WACOM releases a driver that works for Windows 8 x3