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New Sona Preview by Kalid909

New Sona Preview


10 June 2015 at 00:38:10 MDT

Finally got up the guts to post this. XD

I've been going through so many changes, not just in my life, but in myself as a person. I've changed so much in one year, more than I ever thought I could. Because of this, none of my previous sonas fit me any longer, so it was time to finally come up with a new one, after months of debating with myself about it. XD

So, here is the anatomy/markings art for my new sona that I did 2+ weeks ago, an african lioness named Raven with, well, raven genetics lacing her bloodline. XD The feathers on her back turn into a pair of wings, and of any size, at will, to her having a natural penchant for magic and shapeshifting. She's strongly inspired by Sekhmet and the astrological sign of Leo. :D Leo is my favorite, and Sekhmet is freaking awesome, add to that pile that my brother is a cougar, as well as some aspects of a lioness' common personality traits, and this species became my choice. Leo and Sekhmet hold MANY traits and themes that I feel fit me, and/or are suitable for what I want out of my sona. :)

Just about every detail has a personal reason for why I implemented it, and I'm taking my time filling out her design. So far, very happy with what I already have. :D Thoughts?

Raven (c) herself/myself

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