A Night With The Girls by Kakusai

A Night With The Girls


1 April 2015 at 18:23:34 MDT

Based off a little random idea/rp my friend and I had. XD Jarious ended up watching after his daughter Olivia and his step-daughter Rosetta because Kaycia was so run down from watching over 5 kids all day that she passed out at Zaphkiel's house. XD; Wanting to give her a break, the girls went back home with Jarious and he ended up watching over them. Rosie's usually a bit of a handful to watch after, because she's so full of energy, but Jarious is able to handle her. XD

So after a day of watching girly cartoons, eating junk food, and playing board games, Rosie, Jarious, and Olivia finally settle down for the night, passing out on the couch together. XD

For a mafia don, Jarious doesn't look all that intimidating when he's in "daddy" mode. PFFFF. XD

Jarious © goldenwing
Rosie and Olivia © Me